Los Corales

The area of Los Corales began years ago as a small Italianate village – a cluster of villas – surrounding a small courtyard and paths that meandered their way to the beach.

Today, the area that falls between these villas and the mixed-use area of El Dorado is unofficially known as the Los Corales area. Here, you’ll find a wealth of dining and entertainment options, small shops, a pharmacy, supermarkets, public beach access, and more – all in walking distance to each other.

El Cortecito

One of the oldest villages in the area is El Cortecito – a former (well, it still is really) fishing village and fisherman’s wharf.

El Cortecito is just under a mile down the main road from Los Corales, and represents the area where the residential officially transforms into “resort” area for a while. In El Cortecito you’ll find some quaint local boutique shops, some local restaurants (some great seafood shacks) and best of all, the true spirit of the area.

Avenida Alemania

As you drive from Los Corales towards Punta Cana, you’ll find yourself on Avenida Alemania and Avenida Barcelo.

These main thoroughfares bring you alongside Cocotal Golf Course, Palma Real Shopping Village (home of the Outback Steakhouse), the plazas at IFA, San Juan Shopping Village (a great cinema and supermarket are here), and Downtown Punta Cana. A car is your best bet for traveling here, or also the local “guagua” – or microbus that runs regularly back and forth throughout the area.


Friusa, or “downtown Bavaro” is more or less the “strip” of local businesses and services that can pretty much cater to your every need. The area is best suited for people here on a longer-term.

This is sort of the central business district for the area, and is best accessible via car or taxi. The new highway passes right through the center of town, and rightfully so, as you have all you need here from dentists to hospitals, insurance companies to cell phone companies, and restaurants and local nightlife.

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